Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Yarn Continues

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Long time no post. Things seem to be going well until just recently. And so the yarn continues. Recently, Pearl does not seem to be using her insulin well again, and I have actually had trouble with insulin leaking back out after shooting. I think there is some scar tissue building up in the scruff area. So, we are using a new area. It's more sensitive and it's almost like starting over again. The good news is, she is doing better, the bad is that I feel like a newbie, like I have lost my shooting technique. But we go on. Pearl plays. She loves her kitty beds which I've been crocheting (she didn't even wait for this last one to dry before trying it out.)

She enjoys torturing Sugar, and Sugar semi-enjoys being tortured. And I do the best I can. And you can't feel too bad when you see how silly she can be.


Carrie K said...

Aw, my kitty Sheba was diabetic the last four years of her life. I had zero trouble injecting the insulin with her, unlike pills, which in her entire almost-20-year life, I don't think I managed to get her to take one.

Go Pearl!

KIC said...

Thanks for posting! We have gotten past our weird injection trouble. I think that changing location because scar tissue had built up and using a steeper injection angle (I was flattening too much) cleared up our trouble!